Syndication of Show:

3 national outlets, 1 international outlet. You can also listen to the shows on Spotify. (And we’re growing! Click here to learn how to become an affiliate.)

Audience Size:

Half a million households (510,350 syndicated Facebook fans or 1,020,700 eyeballs, assuming all fans are sight-abled and have both eyes).  

Number of Laps:

27 years combined swimming by Chris and Joe equals around 2,835,000 laps. (They swam mostly short course.)

Last Year with a Full Head of Hair:

1997 for Joe and 1994 for Chris.

Number of state championships:

Joe and Chris combined were a part of 14x Boys State Champions and 12x Girls State Champions.

Olympic Trials Appearances:

4 (2 as competitors in 1988 and then 2 as press in 2016)